September Purple Panther Thoughts

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did you best to become the best you are capable of becoming.  John Wooden

The Ice Bucket Challenge is happening throughout the United States these days.  Even Mr. Biles took on the challenge (See link on PUE website).  An important take-away from this is that the nation is getting behind a worthy cause to help the many ALS patients in need.  I would like to offer an additional educational challenge that we, as a school community make it our goal to reach out to every student in our school to assure that each student be the best that they can be this year.

Boosterthon, our major fundraiser for the year begins this week.  I encourage you to go to the website to see and hear about 5 community challenges that we will embark on.  We hope that you will participate in this important fundraiser.  Tess Freer, our PTA President has created a specific list of how we will spend the raised money to enhance our school.

Communication is critical for us at Pleasant Union.  Along with my Sunday voice message I send home a transcript of the message which includes more in depth information and links for you to use in response to my message.  If you are not getting the transcript please email me at with your teacher’s name so that I can correct or add your email address to the group list.  Also, I have asked our staff to communicate with you at least every other week with curriculum being discussed in class, upcoming events and student celebrations.

Thanks to our PTA parent cultural arts rep Jenne Kendziora for arranging the following events and residencies.  A big thank you to PTA for budgeting for these special events–BTW this is just one of the many things that our Boosterthon Fundraising dollars support.  If your family is tracked out for any of the group events please feel free to come in with your child to see the events.

Date               Artist/Residency                           Grade Levels

Nov. 13         Donna Washington, story teller    K-5 (2 Shows)

Nov. 17-21   Howard Croft (Writer)                    3rd/4th

Dec. 16         Silver Trout Arts Music                 K-5 (2 Shows)

Feb. 17-19    Allen Montague (Visual Arts)        5th

Feb. 24         Bay Street Brassworks                 K-5 (2 Shows)

March. 18     Rick Brown-Science                     K-5 (2 Shows)

Recently, I while on Twitter and “Feedly” I came across an interesting article from “edutopia” titled “7 Questions to Ask Your Parents at the Beginning of the Year”.  The post was written by a teacher from both the teacher and parent point of view.  The article listed some great “whole child”questions to consider as we work together to make this an outstanding year.

Ever ask your child “How was school today?” only to get the “Ok or fine” response?  Author Annie Fox has some end of the day re-connection suggestions to for you consider.

Are you following the @PleasantUnionYR, or @PUEbusUpdates Twitter feeds?  They’re a great way to get announcements and info on upcoming events of note or simply to find out if your child’s bus has left the school.  Twitter is full of information for parents.  Check out this Parents Guide for more.

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