What is Your 2014 What If Question?

“Incredible things happen when we’re open to possibilities.”
    -Dewitt Jones,  photographer for National Geographic

Our world is so full of responsibilities, commitments, and accountability that we often forget the “what if” possibilities.  Too many in our world dwell on all that is going wrong, often pointing fingers at others as if they have caused our lot in life.  How many times have you heard or read on the news about a crime story, something negative about an individual, a celebrity or institution for something that they did wrong?  On the other side of the coin when was the last time you heard about all the wonderful things that are happening in the world?

I would like to propose that we all take time during 2014 to reflect on all of the things that are going well in our lives.  I would propose that we take time to ask ourselves some reflective what if questions.  For example:

What if I took time to write a special note to our child, a spouse, a teacher, a doctor, mechanic, plumber about what they mean to us or what they have done to make a positive impact?

What if I went to bed a half an hour earlier at night so that I could get up half an hour earlier in the morning to take a walk or a jog?

What if I found time during the day to pay a compliment to a friend or someone in the family, either in person or by phone?

What if I took time to just step back to reflect on all that is going well in my life; my health, my family, my ability to be able to work, or my ability to give of myself to others?

What if I surprised a family member by taking the afternoon off or better yet the day off to have lunch or go somewhere together?

What if, instead of going out for lunch you spent it serving lunch at the local soup kitchen?

What if you set aside 1-2 hours per month to volunteer or tutor at the school?

What is your 2014 what if question?

As a side note I was watching an infomercial the other day from the Tommie Copper company. One of the statements made was “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”  Sounds good to me.

Thank you to Dewitt Jones for his inspiration in the video “What’s Right With the World?” and the SoulPancake organization for their videos “Street Compliments” and “Snap Your Joy” that create inspiration, positivity and simply put a smile on my face.

By the way did you know that…

  • Graduation rates are the highest in history.
  • Drop out rates are the lowest in history.
  • Pleasant Union’s chorus was chosen for the March 12 Pieces of Gold Performance. Get your tickets at Ticketmaster ASAP before they sell out.
  • First Grade Teacher Cathy Parrish was chosen as PUE’s Teacher of the Year.

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